Alex MacDonald

 Motion Control Engineer
  |   Consultant |   Programmer

310 963 3267  

2006 and 2010 Academy Awards for Scientific and Technical Achievement

US Patents:  6975089,  7036436,  7127998,  7239106

Consultant, Designer, and Operator of Flying Camera Systems, Ground Based Motion Control Rigs, Electric and Hydraulic Winch Driven Special Effects.


Senior Manager of Business Development,
Actioncam, LLC, Tulsa, OK

GM, Film & TV, Fisher Technical Services, Las Vegas

Co-Owner, Electronics Designer, Operator,
Cablecam International, Inc., LA

Motion Control Operator, NYC

Product Development:

    For Actioncam, helped design flying camera transport and gyro-stabilized head as a consultant before accepting a position as Manager of Business Development as the product rolled out to market. Actioncam currently has contracts with FOX Sports, NBC Sports, and CBS Sports.

    For Cablecam, supervised the design and building by Sequoia Technologies of proprietary gyro-stabilized gimbal heads for HD video used in live NFL coverage.  Authored several patents for rigging flying cameras.

   Collaborated with Concept Overdrive to develop fiber optic servo control software based on the Linux Real Time operating system, bringing a new level of safety and maneouverability to live aerial cameras.

    Co-developed a 150 camera array system under computer control. The PAWS system was capable of freezing and reversing time during synthetic camera moves. PAWS was used successfully on a number of commercials for Chevrolet, Dodge and the PGA Tour. PAWS and inspired the system used on the Matrix.


        Max Payne, w. Mark Wahlberg
        Incredible Hulk, with Ed Norton        
        Spiderman III, Sam Raimi, dir.
        Lions for Lambs, Robert Redford, dir.
        Cat in the Hat with Mike Myers
        Van Helsing, Stephen Sommers, dir.
        Miracle, with Kurt Russell
        Troy, Wolfgang Peterson, dir.
        Cellular, David Ellis, dir.
        Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Tim Burton, dir.
        The Longest Yard, w. Adam Sandler
        Lemony Snicket, Tim Burton, dir.
        The Poseidon Adventure, Wolfgang Peterson, dir.
        Catwoman, with Halle Berry, Pitoff, dir.
        Bringing out the Dead, Martin Scorcese, dir.
        Down to Earth, w. Chris Rock
        Pratical Magic, Griffin Dunne, dir.
        First Wives Club, Hugh Wilson, dir.


        Academy Awards on ABC
        NBA on ESPN
        NHL Stanley Cup on ESPN
        NFL on Fox
        NFL on CBS
        NFL on NBC
        Smallville, on The WB
        MTV Music Awards
        Carnaval, Rio de Janeiro
        World Cup Beach Soccer, Rio de Janeiro
        FIFA Soccer, Germany v. France, Paris
        FIFA soccer,
Brazil v. Guatamala, Sau Paulo, Brazil
        Election Night 2004 on NBC, Rockefeller Center
        Today Show, Habitat for Humanity, Rockefeller Center
        Prime time promos for NBC, The Magic Room
        The Other Me, Disney movie of the week

Music Videos:

Whitney Houston


Christina Aguillera
Blue Collar Comedy Tour
Havanna Nights Stage Show


Mt. Dew, Kellog's, Dodge, Chevy, Wendy's, Kraft, Pillsbury, The PGA Tour, Tropicana, AT&T, Citibank, Bayer, Verizon, Mars, Pizza Hut, American Airlines, Sony, Milton-Bradley, Calvin Klein, Old Spice, CoffeeMate, Exide, Howard Johnson's, MasterCard, McDonald's, Ruffles, Hasbro, Conch y Toro, and Henckles.

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